2014 EEID Conference: June 1 - June 4 2014

Multi-Scale Mechanisms of Disease Emergence and Control

Emerging infectious diseases – as a result of ecological, anthropogenic or evolutionary change – continue to be a major challenge. As a scientific community, we focus most of our attention on the fundamental ecological and evolutionary processes that drive infectious diseases, yet part of the excitement of our research is the potential to apply our research to programs that may mitigate the effects of both ongoing and emerging diseases in human, wildlife and domestic animal populations. During the 12th Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases Conference, hosted by Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado June 1-June 4, 2014, we will explore some of the mechanisms that underlie disease emergence and that may facilitate control strategies.

We have divided the conference into four parts that span a number of spatial and temporal scales that may generate new insights into infectious disease problems:

  1. Crossing Species Boundaries
  2. Local Ecological Impacts on Disease
  3. Emergence and Control of Vector-borne Disease
  4. Scaling from Immunology to Ecology
For each session, we have invited speakers (see tentative schedule) and we will solicit 4-6 additional short presentations from contributed titles (posters or talks) from conference attendees, based on how well the topic addresses the major themes of the conference. Each oral session will end in a panel discussion. We also plan on two poster sessions on the first and third day afternoons.

The second day of the conference will focus on “Communicating Your Science to the General Public”, with speakers and a panel discussion. The afternoon will include the traditional afternoon walk at the local Lory State Park, where early summer wildflowers, greenery and wildlife should be on display amongst the sandstone hogbacks and granite outcroppings (Arthur's Rock) of the Front Range foothills. The day will culminate in a western BBQ, also at the park.

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