More information about Glasgow and Scotland

For those traveling for the first time to Glasgow, or traveling with families, partners etc who may be looking for other activities before, during or after the meeting, we’ve added a few ideas below:


For those who like architecture and old/nice buildings:



This covers a few good options, but there is actually no shortage of great places to eat in Glasgow, and new places popping up all the time, for example


For those with young families:

Most places are family friendly, but some have outdoor play areas (e.g., or are over the road from playgrounds (, and there are a lot of options within a short walk of Kelvingrove park (1 minute from the conference location).


The west end:

The transport museum:

Kelvingrove museum:

Botanic Gardens

The Hunterian Museum:


Walk along our lovely river (enter at numerous entrances in the West End!):

“Fifty years ago, the River Kelvin was dead – a chemical sewer poisoned by the products of decades of industry. Following the closure of the paper mills, chemical and dye works in the 50s and 60s, it has taken thirty years of cleansing rainfall to heal the damage. Now the fish have returned and its tree lined banks provide cover for dippers, kingfishers and other birds. The botanist will find a wide variety of plants, many of them rare and even exotic.”


City Centre:

More Charles Rennie Mackintosh sites:

The Necropolis:

The drygate brewery at bottom of the hill does good refreshments!

And plenty more:



Less than 1 hour away on the train, with lots of attractions:


A bit further South of Glasgow is New Lanark:

And between Glasgow and Edinburgh is Falkirk Wheel:



Also not far by train or car:

There are lots of historical sites near Stirling including the Wallace monument:


In the countryside <1 hour drive away:

For photographers (or outlander fans) – Devils pulpit

The Whangie:

Conic Hill:


More serious hiking options